Since I first heard about it in January 2013, the Egoscue Method has given me new hope. For 19 years, I have trained hundreds of people: most of whom wanted to lose weight or see muscles popping out. I gave them what they wanted. Many of them came to me with a pain here or there. Usually I could see what the problem was, and I would try to address it – many times with success, but honestly, I was often at a loss as to what to do. I would feel wrong at the core though, because I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing. I wanted to know more! So I searched… I have also had a struggle with myself in my own body. I am very athletic, and have been successful with physical challenges, but I knew something was wrong; I just couldn’t figure it out. Yoga seemed to be my answer for years…but it wasn’t until I brought my son, Chandler, into the clinic that I finally saw my answer. A friend referred me to Egoscue, because my son was having trouble with running form. Josh asked me if I wanted to learn Chandler’s e-cises so I could help him do his menu at home. I did them with him every day, and I knew something was different about this modality. My search was over: In just one week, I felt as if things were beginning to come into focus.

During our next visit, as I lay in static back next to Chandler, I looked up at Josh and said, “I WILL be doing this for a living.” I can confidently say that I have found the answer I’ve been looking for in my professional life, as well as in my personal growth.

I have spent all of my free time learning as much as I can about the Egoscue Method. Spending time at the clinic; quizzing the people there; reading Egoscue books; watching videos; diligently doing my menus; and gradually integrating Egoscue into my personal training practice. I am learning how to read a person’s body structure and developing the skill of visualizing a menu that would progress that person toward a pain-free body.

My life has a more meaningful purpose now. I’m excited to increase my confidence through this internship, to help people not feel pain anymore. Being pain-free is a healthy goal I want to help people attain and then, eventually be able to identify in themselves. I love the idea that I will be able to help people know what they can do to relieve their own pain.

I love puzzles and games. Each person is a puzzle that has an answer. Figuring that out is thrilling, and then for that puzzle to have a very important purpose: helping people love their lives. I look at people wherever I am and am concerned that people I don’t even know have pain, and I just want to help them. I can’t wait to be positively effective in the lives of people who are struggling.

My clients and friends often tell me they value how energetic, positive and fun I am, which makes their experience enjoyable and inspirational. Having studied journalism, I am also a skilled communicator, and seek to understand people. I am good at listening, understanding a client’s needs, devising a solution to those needs and clearly translating complex concepts into a language they can understand. I look forward to improving on this in the internship. For me, the value of the Egoscue method is not limited to pain relief or prevention. Putting the 8 major joints where they can operate as they were designed makes a beautiful, confident-looking (and feeling) body – an Egoscue exercise therapist streamlines the body like a sculptor: efficient, smoothly-operating, well-oiled machine. I wrote this post shortly after running the L.A. Marathon on very little training:I can't believe I feel absolutely no pain at all (and the soreness is gone) after running this marathon on very little training. I stopped training with my group because of sickness and injury in early Dec. I gave up on my marathon hopes and treated my pain and functionality at Egoscue Santa Monica. I have consistently done my Egoscue functional "e-cises" almost every day (and have only run 5 or 6 times since Dec. 1.) Two weeks ago, i decided that since I already paid the marathon entry fee, I might as well see how far I could go. I finished with NO pain at all aside from the normal calf and quad soreness most marathoners experience. CHECK OUT EGOSCUE (yes that was a yell). Google it and there may be a clinic in your area. Even if you don't have pain, you will become physically balanced and your body will flow comfortably. I am astounded at how amazing I feel.

I overheard a client in the clinic the other day put it like this with a sense of wonder: An Egoscue menu is like music. Each e-cise is a note or musical phrase, and when it’s all put together, it’s like a beautiful work of art. I loved that analogy so much, because that’s how I feel.


JanaTrains Posture Therapy PAS certified by Egoscue University®.

Jana trains a client with Egoscue-influenced personal training