“Working with Jana has had an incredibly positive impact on my posture, which is important as I am 50 and have scoliosis and kyphosis. My improved strength and proper alignment has reduced my pain so much, that my chiropractor CALLED ME after I hadn’t been in 5 months to make sure I was alright. Then, it occurred to me…I was also saving money and time by eliminating going to the ‘chiro’ every other week. Jana has a unique ability to understand your physical being, and adjust to your needs. Her teaching style motivates you to push just a bit outside your comfort zone while having tons of fun at the same time!” Nancy Jagou

“Before I worked with Jana, I was having pain pretty consistently. Since I started working with her, I can hike again, do yoga and teach all day pain free! It’s such a gift! I’m realigned, pain-free and stronger because of Jana.” Kristy Pace

“Arthritis runs in my family, and I was beginning to feel joint pain and limitations in movement. Regular exercise wasn’t helping, and it was making me feel worse. After a couple of sessions with Jana, I began to feel more flexible and felt less pain. She is really patient and paid attention to my needs.” Shiva Khalifian